What I’m looking for in a restaurant, and why Jimmy Johns is almost perfect…

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Since I’ve started working at 5ivecanons in downtown Jacksonville, there have been three things that really bother me: Traffic to work, traffic from work, and traffic at lunch time. Every day around noon my stomach starts to gurgle in desperation of some sustenance… but if I leave at noon, then by the time I get to the restaurant, so will everyone else and their grandmother.

There are three easy ways to avoid that:

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1. Make a lunch
But as a nineteen year old single male, it’s not often that I remember to do this. So that option is pretty much off the table.

2. Go at a different time
Now some days this is totally doable and I can get lunch at an hour that is much less busy, which is great. But some days my stomach will not allow it and I have no choice but to eat at the worst possible hour.

3. Jimmy Johns
Jimmy Johns delivery speed, even during the frantic hour of noon, is incredible. My co-workers and I love the convenience; we receive our meals within five to ten minutes of clicking order, and we don’t even have to get out of our seats – #freakyfast. As we work on social posts, design, development, or production, we don’t have to stop. They even walk the sub all the way to our desks. With a few clicks on the Jimmy Johns website, a sandwich is in our mouths within minutes.

But for all the convenience and speed there is one giant problem with Jimmy Johns: the food. The food isn’t bad… it’s just one bike ride away from being good. If any other restaurant in the area provided the same amount of convenience, then I would never order from Jimmy Johns again. But if Jimmy Johns stepped up it’s quality just the teeniest bit, then I would never walk to lunch again. Advertising Agency, Jacksonville Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Website Development, ecommerce, Print Agency

There’s only a small hurdle for Jimmy Johns to get over before it would become the perfect lunch hour ‘restaurant’. But I can’t complain too much — when you work at a full-service advertising agency like 5ivecanons, sometimes you just need the speed and convenience of a ‘restaurant’ like Jimmy Johns.

Mr. John, it wouldn’t hurt to change up your bread and meat options… and Jimmy, please explain to your employees what light mayo actually means… and finally, to you (the reader) never trust a man with two first names.