Our Process

Process is so important to our Jacksonville ad agency, we named our agency after it. For thousands of years people have been using a similar process to communicate and persuade, and it all started with Cicero. He came up with the five canons of rhetoric, a five step process to speak to a forum. We iterated his version a bit in order to execute (no pun intended since he was beheaded) strategic and creative ways to engage consumers, both on and offline.

1. discovery

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one, and sometimes that recognition is a little more difficult than it seems. Our Jacksonville ad agency discovery process is designed to be the first critical step to establishing a creative solution and a detailed execution plan that will yield the most quantitative results.

Our discovery process gives you an in-depth look at your current business pains, recognizes why it’s happened, organizes the information for you to understand, and offers creative business tactics with cost to execute for the future.

Imagine your check engine light is on and you take your car into the shop for repairs. What if they told you how much it’s going to cost without even looking at your car? You would probably think they’re scamming you, right? How can someone give you a price on making repairs without even looking at the problem? This is why discovery is so important to our Jacksonville ad agency.



Our success is driven by your success, so it’s our job to provide the proper roadmap that will yield the most results. Whether it’s customer acquisition, internal business solutions, consumer engagement, or return on investment (ROI). The most valuable asset anyone can offer is knowledge, understanding, and a roadmap to get you there.

The most effective way to execute a plan is with a strategic approach, and our Jacksonville ad agency approach starts with this — never throw money at it. There are far too many companies out there offering ‘free’ assessments or advice and recommending Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns. The problem with this model is that they never know who you’re talking to and what you’re trying to say. It’s like throwing a cast net of money into the internet abyss and hoping to land the right fish.


3. Creative

Creative isn’t just a word to describe our Jacksonville ad agency and nice designs or beautiful websites. We use the word creative to describe layout, imagery, business solutions, workflow automation, thought process, and much more. Creative has become the center of our business, our process, and is ingrained in our culture.

The most overused word in marketing and advertising has to be ‘creative’. Agencies have spun the word in so many directions that it’s hard to decipher what it actually means. It seems everyone brags about their creative and how creative their creative is, but what they don’t tell you is why it’s important.

With the proper creative, you can speak directly to the audience you want to reach through imagery, copy, placement, and medium. Without it, you could be speaking to anyone at any time in any place. Creative is what you say, how loudly you say it, and who you’re saying it to. And on those points, you’d better be right.


4. Distribution

The goal with any form of communication is to have the message travel as far and as fast as possible while leaving a lasting impression. Our Jacksonville ad agency process is designed to streamline that route from point A to point B through a wide variety of media strategies and business logic. Delivering the right content and creative across the right mediums to the right audience is the only way to see the results that you expect.

Once you’ve nailed down the perfect creative, you have to put it in the right place, too. You wouldn’t make a poster for a symphony, for example, and hang it in an alley. What stations should you use to broadcast, and at what times? What magazines do your target audience flip through the most? Do middle-aged couples in Michigan read more newspapers, or watch more television? These are all questions that can be answered in the distribution phase to make sure your message reaches the proper eyes and ears.


5. Optimization

Our definition of optimization isn’t just a fancy word we use to describe how we build search-friendly web pages. We refer to optimization as a continuous state of iteration and improvement. The reason? Because our Jacksonville ad agency believes that there is always room for improvement, and that the data never lies. Our job as an agency is to present the information in a way that our clients can understand, and make fine-tuned adjustments to help focus the message even more.

Our optimization phase is designed to evaluate the data and analytics and make recommendations for improvement. It’s all about picking the best bait to catch the fish you want, not using a net to sift through the beer bottles and old boots you’ve dragged in with it. The more work we do on our end through optimization, the more sales you make — using minimal effort to reel them in.