Audio / Video

Video Production

There is more to video production than scripting, filming, and editing. It takes creative minds and able bodies to put together a video with original shots and content that can effectively sell a product.

Post Video Production

Editing can make or break a video which directly affects your company or product. It requires an experienced video editor to produce a flawless product with sound, transitions, and title sequencing.

Motion Design

We can create specific movements that bring your logo, slogan, or website to life. By adding motion design to a video or website, we can create designs that are pleasing to the eye and will ultimately attract your target audience.

Radio Production

Radio production is a combination of script, cast, content, and editing. Pulling a radio commercial together takes dexterity and proficiency especially when working with a time limit.

Audio Engineering and Mixing

By adding sound effects to your media outlets, you can create attract your customers on a heightened level. It is easy to go with sight for advertising or marketing but then by adding sound you will step up your advertising game.

Script Writing

Video production is not exclusively visual, it is more importantly verbal. The script of a video needs to be clear, concise, and creative to effectively relay the correct message of your brand to the audience.


This allows us to see the video on paper, make changes, and edit before we start filming. Storyboarding paints a picture of what the entire video will look like while using still shots or sketches that will eventually manifest into a movie film.


Regardless if it is a short video or a big production film, casting is just as important to both video productions. We will pick and choose who can deliver the pre-written script in a clear and relatable way in order to best sell your product or services.

Location Scouting

Once we have the Who, What, and When, all we need is the Where. We will search for the perfect location, or locations if need be, to shoot frames for your video. We will ensure that it best represent you as our client and ourselves as a agency.