Understanding the problem is the first step in identifying the solution. Discovery allows our team and you to understand your brand, your positioning, and the best plan of attack to move forward with an execution plan.

Competitive Analysis

The best defense is a good offense and knowing your competitors inside and out is key in determining how to out perform them. A competitive market analysis can give insight into your competitors strategy, positioning, and pricing.

Data Mining/Research

Research is one of the most important elements to any successful project. We dig deeper and into more detail than anyone in the business. We can gather data on any aspect of the marketing game you need.

Brand Strategy / Positioning

Brand strategy and positioning is an essential part to every successful brand. The genius is knowing how and where to place yourself within a crowded marketplace, which is ultimately the deciding factor between success and failure.

Logo Design

A logo is an emblem that creates identity for a business’ products or services. A great logo can be remembered forever, while a bad logo can be forgotten before it began. Successful logos consist of more than just text and color, they’re methodically styled down to the most minute detail and scientifically proven by a number of qualifying factors.


Rebranding is simply a fresh start; a facelift for any business or brand. Think of it as a second chance. Sometimes, rebranding is the best option to grow or save your business. It is a mix of science and skill, which our team happen to be experts at.