We now accept BitCoin.

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

We’re happy to announce that you can pay for the same incredibly successful, award-winning work from our downtown Jacksonville advertising agency – with bitcoin.

What does this mean for the future of our advertising agency?

It means we will just add another way for our clients to pay for great work. That’s pretty much it. At some point we might have to charge a client a late bitcoin fee for past due amounts

BitCoin as a currency is so volatile that payment is due upon invoice, literally right then. Otherwise the market price may go up or down and you could end up overpaying (or underpaying – which never seems to happen.) We honestly don’t think any one will ever pay with a BitCoin. Not now, and not in 10 years. But the experience of setting up the company as a vendor, learning about mining, about payments, bitwallets, etc. was a fantastic learning lesson about the future of digital currency.

If you’ve never heard of BitCoin or just want to learn a little bit about it, here’s a start:


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