Rise of The Machines: No job is safe

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

We’ve heard this phrase many times before in movies, the media, and pretty much any reference to the future. Robots are slowly taking over jobs all around the country. Most people feel that it’s only affecting low-income jobs for people with low-level education; although this seems to be most evident, I don’t think that’s the case.

Many fast food restaurants have been taken over by kiosks where you can place your order without waiting in line. This is making the position of cashier almost obsolete. They are even robots out there that can flip a burger — how soon before they replace line cooks in the fast food industry? Manufacturing jobs have primarily been using robotics for years, but if we bring more manufacturing back to Trump’s America, we can, in essence, be creating more jobs for machines than people.

Robot waiter and waitress deliver meals for customers at a robot-themed restaurant in the Yiwu, Zhejiang province of China.

There are many examples of this across all industries. I, for one, don’t feel safe or excluded just because I’m a creative at an advertising agency. We have, in recent months, used project management tools to assist our team. With the use of this automation, why pay a yearly salary when all you have to do is sign up for a monthly payment and input your project info, assign staff, and a deadline? In that same vein, I feel that creatives could soon be at risk as well. Let’s take a photographer, for example — phones are now able to take a picture with about the same quality as a DSLR, minus the ability to change lenses. They even have “pro” settings on the phone where you can edit before even snapping an image. With the rise in technology, I don’t feel as though any job is safe. Machines and automation continue to be created to “assist” or “ease” your workload or help assure your staff are not only doing their jobs but doing them correctly.

Even though this entire blog seems very doom and gloom, I feel as though we have a fail safe as creatives at an advertising agency. The one thing that we have on our side, as humans, is creativity. I believe that we can truly create something from the soul whereas a machine can only produce what is put into in. When you hire an advertising agency for any services, rest assured you are hiring people who have been curated into each agency based on their talents. We may use automation and, hell, we may even eventually have a friendly office robot, but you will always get top quality work from people who care about each and every client. There is absolutely no replacing the bond we have with our clients and how much each app, ad, logo, website, etc means to us. That my friends, is something robots can’t take away from us.