Reverse Graffiti

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Reverse graffiti is the method of creating art on a dirty surface, by removing dirt or grime. The concept is as simple as writing the phrase, “wash me” on a dirty vehicle.

But if it’s used on a larger scale, reverse graffiti can be a creative advertising technique – turning gross sidewalks and walls into brand messages.

Reverse graffiti is an environmentally friendly, high impact execution sometimes called green advertising or green marketing. Depending where you drop your reverse graffiti message, your brand can reach thousands of people every day in a creative and unexpected way. Plus, there’s no clean up because it’ll just fade with time.


Our team of award-winning creatives can support your existing marketing strategy, or provide full-service (turnkey) marketing support. Whether you’re a startup or fortune 1000, brand or agency, we have the experience and passion to over-deliver on every project.

All of our stencils are designed in-house and are cut from high quality stainless steel or aluminum sheets (depending on application). Our street team can manage vendors in any city and provide scouting and project management, in order to assure a fantastic consumer experience. Plus, we’ll mail you the stencils when we’re done, as a trophy for your reverse graffiti campaign.


5ivecanons just made our third lap around the sun, providing award-winning consumer engagement campaigns for Chick-fil-A, Sony Music, Asbury Automotive and more. Our reverse graffiti campaigns extend from Florida to Chicago, and are soon to reach Southern California. Interested in running a reverse graffiti campaign? Reach out and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.