New Releases From The 2015 Apple Conference

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Apple unveiled an array of new software, products and features at its 26th annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Haven’t heard what’s new? Here are the top four releases.

1. Apple Music

Their new music service allows users to stream everything on iTunes, offers human-made playlists and recommendations, and includes a connect option where artists can upload their music to share. It’s scheduled to launch on June 30th, with plans ranging from $10-$15/month.

2. iOS 9

Along with improving battery life, this update is focused on enhancing current features. Siri is faster, more contextually aware, and learns your habits with a personal assistant feature called “Proactive”. Split-screen is available for iPads. Maps have transit directions, including what station to enter/exit. A new news app is set to replace current newsstand app, with cleaner articles, animations, videos, and photo galleries. iOS 9 is due to launch in September.

3. OS X El Capitan

The latest version of OS X is focused on new features such as window arrangement, split-view, gestures (like swiping to delete an email), improved Spotlight search, and the ability to pin sites in Safari. The El Capitan beta will be available to the public in July.

4. WatchOS 2

This new Apple Watch software will be available in the fall and allows users to access the microphone and accelerometer, play audio via built-in speakers, and utilize the Digital Crown. Homekit is available via Siri, and the new Time Travel feature allows users to see upcoming events and weather. The watch face is also customizable with photos.