Mobile Couponing

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Some of the most successful technologies are not groundbreaking, but practical. Mobile couponing has all the tried and true elements of traditional couponing with 21st century technology applied. The coupons are easily downloaded to an individual’s phone and scanned at the register like a paper coupon. However, there is no need to cut, organize or carry coupons to the store – mobile couponing provides a simple way to gather, organize, and use coupons.

How Does it Work?

Start with a smartphone with internet access, really the hardest part is finding the coupons. Manufacturer and retailer’s websites or coupon websites and apps such as Livingsocial or Groupon are excellent places to start your search. Once you have found the coupons you want, download them to your mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Now just go to the store and your done!

Social Engagement

Many mobile couponing apps have a social engagement aspect. Apps such as Yelp allow individuals to receive discounts for “checking in” at store locations. Livingsocial and Groupon allow you to acquire deals, such as “pay $10 for $30 worth of product” for free if you get three of your friends to purchase the discount along with you.

These mobile couponing apps also allow individuals to share deals that they have purchased on social networking sites like Facebook. As consumers share these deals on social media platforms, free marketing and consumer engagement is created for the company.

Why Companies Participate

By offering mobile deals such as 10% for “checking in”, companies will see an increase in foot traffic. Many consumers are driven by deals and are more likely to enter a store if a deal is offered. As previously mentioned social engagement plays a large role in driving companies to use mobile couponing.

By 2014, the number of mobile coupon users is expected to increase to 53.2 million a year. – Emarketer

Mobile couponing creates a platform upon which businesses can create and increase their social media presence. This increased consumer engagement can lead to increased revenue. Mobile couponing also creates new business. New consumers are more likely to try a product or service at a discounted price. Once they have tried the product, the hope is that they will become a repeat customer paying full price.

Mobile Has a Future

Digital couponing is on the rise and will only continue to grow in the future. The integration of mobile couponing use at the point of sale will be integral to growth. Expect to see mobile, point of sale and social engagement seamlessly combined through mobile couponing in the near future. Check out the video bellow to learn more about mobile couponing.