Is The Mathews Bridge Closed Today?

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

What started out as a place to vent about the Mathews Bridge closure, quickly turned into a viral sensation with over 200k page views.

On Tuesday morning, went live just like the image to the right. There are no pages to click through, no fancy animations or custom design. The simple site has just three sections; an answer, a reason, and a simple instruction to users:

Click REFRESH for live update or submit your own reason HERE.

The site kicked off with only 10 or so reasons, like ship happens, people be barbecuing and because it likes big boats and it cannot lie. But the site quickly grew to over 100 reasons, while page views spiked to 200 refreshes every minute.

The instruction to share your own reason is what launched the site across the web with two powerful words – user engagement. Any monkey can click CTRL R, but giving someone ownership of content – turns into something worth sharing.


The focus for this web experiment wasn’t about marketing or capturing data to retarget, it was about engagement for the users that provided a creative and collaborative platform for users to vent.

We set up the submission form to only allow a user to submit up to three reasons and followed their submission with a simple message from our agency creatives:


Now we get to business, converting you the marketer into our client. This campaign sold one product, from one brand – engagement from 5ivecanons. These are the types of campaigns we craft and win awards for. These are the type of campaigns driving innovation in our city, and growing revenue streams up by 10% in a day.

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