Google Engage Platform

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

5ivecanons just became one of the few certified and registered agencies under the new Google Engage Platform.

The platform provides powerful tools for targeting audiences and controlling spending, to maximize profit.

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The platform simplifies advertising terms to help you achieve your business goals. For example, if you have a campaign centered on CPC (Cost per Click), then you should expect to see results in clicks and conversions. If your strategy is measured by CPM (Cost per Thousand), then you should expect general awareness of your product to rise.


The Power of Location Based Search

According to Google, one in five web searches are location related. The numbers increase for mobile searches, putting a heavier emphasis on Google Places.


One in three mobile searches have location purposes and of those searches, 58% have location information.


Google Search Demystified

Google search is split up into two sections: natural searches and Ad ranked searches. Natural searches are unbiased results that are provided via relevancy algorithms and SEO. Ad ranks on the other hand, are determined by Max CPC x a Quality Score, this is determined by auction payment and clicks. Here’s four things to keep in mind when running AdWords:

– Highest ads become the most relevant searches
– Higher relevance leads to lower CPC
– Higher visibility leads to better tracking
– Higher visibility leads to more qualified business

The 5ivecanons team leverages Google’s platforms to better serve our clients. We develop detailed and specific campaigns designed to efficiently integrate all of Google’s platforms, while developing engaging campaigns to subsidize those gaps that Google cannot reach. Our immersive web content integrates with our keyword and AdWord goals, providing targeted and measurable campaigns, so that our clients can see the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Contact us for a free consult on how our certified Google Engage team can help structure the right digital marketing campaign for you.