Facebook Check-in Deals

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Using social check-in and Facebook deals is a new way for businesses like yours to generate awareness and build loyalty with customers.

Facebook check-ins are a simple and effective way to engage your customer. Customers locate your business on Facebook and check-in using their mobile devices.

Why Use Facebook Check-ins?

Check-ins benefit your business because it is as good as word of mouth advertising, and for you it’s free! Creating Facebook deals promotes customers to use Facebook check-ins which generates exposure for your businesses.

How Do Facebook Check-ins Work?

When someone checks-in a story is created on their newsfeed about it and their friends (potential customers) see that story. Facebook deals not only let Facebook users know what businesses are nearby but it also tells users that your business has a special deal for them to use and share with their friends. Customers can only claim the deal by checking in.

Letting Facebook deals bring in customers to your business is easy. Friends are made aware of your business when their friends check-in. Most business owners are always busy and social check-ins make your job easier by allowing happy customers to advertise for you.

Check-in Deals

Facebook deals give you the ability to reach different customers in different ways. Individual deals are awesome because they offer a customer discount just for a one-time check -in. Loyalty deals require a user to check-in more than once enticing repeat customers to enjoy your services on more than one occasion.

Why Use Facebook Deals?

If a friend sees someone they know has checked in and received a deal at a local business they may be more inclined to visit and do the same. People pay attention to where their friends eat, shop, and hangout. Word of mouth marketing from trusted friends is very powerful.

Getting your Facebook Check-in Deal started is easy, however you do need to be clear about a few things. Make sure your deal offers your customer a value.

A discount of 10%-50% off, or offering a gift that is of equal or greater value is an ideal place to start.

Use simple copy within your deal description.

Include a clear call-to-action and also a deal time limit.

Preparation for running a deal is just as important for your employees as it is for you as a business owner. Communicate the details of the deal with your employees so that when interacting with customers they can build loyal relationships. Deal fatigue can occur when too many deals have been run and the discount is viewed as irrelevant, rather then an opportunity to get a bargain. So make your deal count!

If you’re not sure how it would work for your local business check out our campaign for Chick-Fil-A.