Custom Audience Targeting on Facebook

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Facebook has released Custom Audience Targeting. The powerful marketing tool allows advertisers to target specific customers based on their email address, phone number, etc.

Custom Audience Targeting could prove to be one of the most valuable marketing tools available, or it could be another missed opportunity.
Learn about the pros and cons of Custom Audience Targeting, and find out if your business can benefit from the newest marketing tool available within the social media giant.

Advantages of Custom Audience Targeting

Instead of targeting users based on broad demographics, you can now target specific users that have registered phone numbers, email addresses or even profiles with your business.

Facebook doesn’t charge any additional fees for using the Custom Audience Targeting feature. Once you have developed a custom marketing list to advertise, you would pay the social market value for CPC or CPM.

Repeat customers on average spend 67 percent more than a new customer

You can attract existing customers to engage your company’s Facebook page, which turns your customers into the advertising message. Offline data can be utilized to invite repeat customers to your join social network by liking your page.

Facebook also offers the ability to aim your custom list strictly to customers who have not liked your page, preventing any media dollars from being wasted on existing audiences.

Leveraging Custom Audience Targeting for specific promotions can help support existing campaigns you may already be running. For example, target your existing list of users who have signed up for a newsletter and give them a “special discount” when they use a promo code or click through to purchase a product.

Disadvantages of Custom Audience Targeting

The email address or phone number used must match the users Facebook information. So if a user has a different email registered on facebook, you can’t reach them. Same goes for phone numbers.

Targeting professionals is even less effective because many individuals don’t use their business information for their personal Facebook.

Custom Audience Targeting is not an option for every Facebook user. Companies interested in this feature have to gain access to Facebook’s Power Editor, or use API (application program interface) partners. Using a partner increases the CPM of users reached.

Custom Audience Summary

Chances are likely that a portion of your custom audience will not have a match. This could happen for a number of reasons: if they are not active Facebook users, they use different email addresses, their phone number has changed, etc. However, the ability to direct advertisements to even a portion of existing customers has enormous benefits.

Have a list of registered users you’d like to target? Hire us and let’s get started on a campaign today!