Consumer Engagement

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

We at 5ivecanons listen to social conversations, make data driven conversations, engage creatively and build relations.

Social Identity

How are consumers forming your brand?
We identify your target audience by listening to online conversations in social networks, blogs, micromedia, forums, mainstream media, comments and video sites. We create a social dashboard (below) for your brand that monitors conversations around your products, promotions and competition. Through real-time market research we can identify opportunities to engage consumers, identify influencers and analyze social data for effective strategies.

Digital Strategy

We make data-driven decisions based on consumer sentiment.
At their core, digital strategies should focus on how brands use paid media to develop earned value through brand experiences. Our strategies focus on increasing engagement and earned value. There are three types of digital content; Paid, Owned and Earned. Paid advertising activities including paid for placements (Display advertising). Owned content are brand experiences owned by the brand, this includes micro-sites and social media pages. Earned content is any digital presence generated through internet consumer’s conversation, creation or sharing.
Three types of digital content.

Creative Engagement & Distribution

What will consumers engage with?
It’s the most important question every brand marketer must answer when developing a digital campaign. Each social channel is different but they all have one feature in common, sharing. Whether it’s Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare or Facebook, digital media is an extension of our and personal preferences. We define a persona based on sharing, sentiment, and preferences to create content that speaks to affinity groups. Digital media can cross channels for organic distribution, endure longer than a media buy, and reach consumers on a personal level.

Relationship Builder

Consumers are driving innovation and they are making demands public.
Social media is a conversation and everyday the internet moves closer to 3.0 or the semantic web. Content will be delivered to us based on what our interests are and what our friends like. Our community directors keep brands involved in conversations with influencers and engagers. We develop brand ambassadors by allowing them the opportunity to drive innovation and have a relationship with your brand.

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