Changes Within Facebook

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

There are only three days left until Facebook brings the press into their headquarters and announces something big, but there already are changes taking place.

The Login Screen

The same standard blue login screen for facebook has seen a facelift over night. None of the major blogs are buzzing about it yet, which means they’re still sleeping in on this beautiful Saturday morning. The fun photo of a couple hiking near the ocean has all of the elements of an Instagram photo (blur, focal point, color correction, etc.)

Instagram took a hit publicly a few weeks ago do to their privacy policy updates, which they back tracked on after an uproar from the public. Facebook acquired Instagram for a billion dollars in April of 2012. The acquisition came quickly and seemed like a perfect fit considering the amount of instagram dog, food and baby photos we’ve all seen in our newsfeeds.

Get More Likes

In another strategic move, they’ve updated the admin panel users see on their brand pages with an advertising callout. The location and ease of use clearly are aimed at users who may not have already run ads for their page.

Social advertising has gone to extraordinary levels over the past few months, but mostly focused on marketers – not businesses. Your average small business has no idea how to implement a solid retargeting campaign using facebook exchange, or how to peel the engaged user’s emails from their CRM platform and dump it into a custom audience targeting campaign.

But $10 to tell people about a special a local pizza place is running? That seems easy enough. And as we get closer and closer to the new announcement on the 15th, we should expect something really focused on the mobile platform. Mobile is clearly the future, and facebook has been racing towards it. Stay tuned for updates as we comb facebook for additional changes.