ALDE Conference | Nonprofit Technology: Engaging Your Audience in Social Media

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Last week, we were given the opportunity to present to a group of marketing professionals at the ALDE Conference – right down the street from our downtown Jacksonville office.

The breakout session was dubbed, “Nonprofit Technology: Engaging Your Audience in Social Media” and ran through our process for successful, award-winning social media campaigns.

We basically gave the farm away. We gave away all of our secrets.

From listening and understanding who, what, when, where, why – all the way to optimizing a finished project to make it better – the ALDE breakout session gave non-profit marketers the insight they needed to develop their own successful campaigns.

Since we gave away all of our secrets to them, we thought it only fair if we gave it to you too. Below you’ll find the whole presentation, slide by slide. Let us know what you think.