5ive reasons having an ad agency as a landlord is the bim bam bizzle.

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Let’s call it what it is… your home away from home is work. Some companies try to make that home feel right for their customers and their employees with murals, cool open floor plans, nintendo and arcade games, etc. But without that, all you have is empty rooms and maybe a view. Unless of course, your landlord is 5ivecanons. Here are 5 reasons (in no particular order) you should lease from an ad agency.

1. FREE blazing fast fiber Wifi + FREE utilities.

Yes. Completely free. When you or your guests enter the building, you can connect to our blazing fast internet and not have to pay Comcast or AT&T for disappointingly low speeds. Ever again. Operate your business with the speed and freedom you need to be successful, regardless of size. And forget getting an outrageous bill from JEA. Free utilities.

2. As if you need any other reason, we have a private deck.

Free wifi is up there too, and it’s an open, shared space for all tenants and their guests. The deck overlooks the corner of Newnan and Independent, which is also the bend where every parade downtown curves around. So literally, you will have front row seats on to every Jacksonville parade on a private deck.

3. Full kitchen, two showers and a legit cedar sauna.

This home away from home is better than your actual home. After a long day at work, relax in the sauna or take a piping hot shower and then prepare yourself a thanksgiving-sized meal. Then go home.

4. Shared meeting rooms.

We have three different meeting spaces for tenants, ranging from small to large. All free to use. Our largest conference room can seat 12 comfortably around a beautiful cherry wood conference table, but could actually fit 20+ if needed. The room features brick and lots of natural light, beaming around a 75-inch 4k TV. Our smallest meeting room is a revamped library, featuring books from as early as 1880. Don’t touch them however, we’re waiting for antiques roadshow to come to town.

5. And last but not least, your landlord is 5ivecanons.

Creative people, on-site brand support, and puppies are just a handful of things you get when your landlord is an agency. We’ve had an open bar, live music and delicious food on the deck for our open house and plan on many more as we look to 2017. Plus, we’re a block from the Florida theater and about a mile’s walk to the stadium. Pregame with us or in your own private suite, at the Downtown Duval Building. Call to schedule a walk through today – 904.479.6202