7 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut (with pictures)

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

T-minus 2 hours until your presentation.  You’re in your groove — it’s your time to shine. You’re the idea guy (or girl). Your boss is counting on you, the client is counting on you, hell… the whole office is counting on you. And what have you got? Nothing. Nada. Zip. And all of a sudden your sweet groove sails right into a rut. We have all been there as creatives — the dreaded rut. When your brain has basically given up on helping you through the creative process. But have no fear: we have been there, and we have a tried and true method that is absolutely infallible. Just follow these steps closely and we will have you slinging ideas like it’s nobody’s business in no time.

1. Eat

AAAAHHHHHH!  I can’t think of one idea that isn’t completely insane!!!!  Solution: eat. You can’t work on an empty stomach! And what should you eat? BUBBA burgers. Period. They’re fast and they’re delicious. And they’re going to make you feel like a million bucks.

2. Exercise

Now that you ate your way into a food coma, we need to burn off those calories by doing a few simple in-office moves. Not only will it get your creative juices flowing, but you’ll look great doing it… and that’s what’s important.

3. Nap

This is essential. You just worked out, endorphins are kicking in, you’re feeling good, and looking even better. Reward yourself with a nap. In order to create, you need to be stress-free and well-rested.

4.Create a Workspace

YOU ARE AN ARTIST. You absolutely cannot work in a cluttered space and we can’t  blame you. The key is to spend about an hour making your space perfect for you to start creating some of the best work of your life.

5. The Internet

Let’s recap, so far you have eaten your weight in BUBBA Burgers, lifted some really heavy weights, gotten some needed rest, and done a little spring cleaning. This is all good and we are halfway to getting you out of this rut. Next step is…THE INTERNET. Search for inspiration or ideas to rip off because nothing is original…not even this article. Get depressed and then look at memes about slacking off at work (or read our blog). Synapses will be firing off in your head at near-record levels.

6. Party

You’ve reached the end of our list, and if you followed it closely you’ve also successfully spent a whole day at work in the name of art! Treat yourself by getting turned up on a Wednesday night, because every night is Friday night if you have the right attitude about it.