5ivecanons Turns Five

Written by 5ivecanons Staff

Today marks five years of business, growth, and greatness here on the fifth floor of our downtown Jacksonville headquarters.

Over the last five years we have remained Jacksonville’s only full-service consumer engagement agency — producing international award-winning concepts that leverage technology to connect brands with consumers.

In 2011 and 2012 we helped promote social good in the Jacksonville community with the “Investing In You Campaign“, which launched nonprofits like Rethreaded and Catty Shack into the spotlight, and invested $12,000 back into local organizations. We also created the original “Check-In For Free Chicken” social promotion for Chick-fil-A, which helped a local franchise break its previous single-day sales record by ten percent.

In 2013 we launched Dark Horse Labs, a referral-only web development company that helps businesses and agencies build functional and mobile-friendly web experiences. Dark Horse Labs is now a regional partner for dedicated hosting, support and web development — helping expand the service portfolio for agencies and brands in Jacksonville, Charlotte, Tampa, and Atlanta.

2014 and 2015 were major growth years that allowed us to quadruple the 5ivecanons’ staff. Some of our notable works over the last eighteen months: the Matthew’s Bridge spoof site (300,000+ page views in three days); BUBBA burger‘s digital rebrand; a reverse graffiti campaign for Sony Music’s hottest new country band; two new liquid vapor brands for E-Alternative Solutions, a sister company of Swisher International Inc.

We’ve become experts in brand management and marketing. We have perfected our process, which are ‘the five canons’. Now we’re working on a way to implement part of our process into a mobile app for small businesses to manage on their own, thus reducing their reliance on traditional agency models. Jacksonville’s Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest in the country, and those companies need marketing support. What if they could do it themselves? Our city would grow, our economy would boom, and competition would inspire even more innovation. -Adam Schaffer, president of 5ivecanons

5ivecanons is a full-service advertising agency based in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide research, strategy, creative, media distribution and brand/marketing optimization for local and global brands. For more information please call us at 904-353-2900.