5ivecanons and Google – The Hottest Relationship of 2024

Written by 5ivecanons Creative Staff

Interrupting whatever you’re currently doing on the world wide web for an important announcement: Your favorite Jacksonville creative agency is a certified Premier Partner with Google. 

That’s right, we’ve been exclusive with everyone’s favorite search engine, Google. But, what’s this mean for us, and more importantly, what’s this mean for our clients? Keep reading to find out. We promise it’ll be quick and you can go back to whatever it was you were doing. 

What is Google Premier Partner Status & Why Does it Matter? 

A Premier Partner is recognized by Google as one of the top-performing and highest certified advertising agencies in the country. Only 3% of advertisers on Google have the honor of being Premier Partners. This means that our team of experts has all the latest Google Ads expertise and has successfully demonstrated this with our work and Google certifications. See below for all the Google certifications our team has earned: 

  • Search
  • Ads 
  • Display 
  • Video 
  • Shopping
  • App 

Aside from dedicating hours of time learning the ins and outs of Google, our advertising agency puts our knowledge to work by taking every ounce of information we’ve absorbed and ensuring that our clients are benefitting from it. This has not only earned us exclusive status with Google, but various awards on the work we do for our clients. 

Benefits of Our Advertising Agency Having Premier Partner Status With Google 

You may be thinking “Congrats 5ivecanons! You earned it, you’re the greatest agency of all time! But…what’s this mean for me?” We’re glad you asked. And also, thank you. 

Our benefits as Premier Partners with Google mean that when you choose 5ivecanons as your trusted advertising agency, the team behind your ad campaigns (that’s us) have exclusive access, knowledge, and capabilities that other agencies don’t. With these benefits, your access to our expert advertising team allows your campaigns to better succeed in the following departments:

  • Strategy Development
  • Budget Management
  • Copywriting 
  • Bid Strategy Planning 
  • Event Tagging
  • Campaign Development 
  • Conversion Tracking 
  • Campaign Optimization

This means that the exclusive access to expert Google Ads knowledge, along with customized recommendations for your Ads and stronger insights to your analytics will better help our team to build and optimize your ad campaign strategies. 

On top of this, our advertising agency has dedicated Google account support, making wait times for common Google Ad or account issues much shorter. 

Start Your Next Ad Campaign With Our Advertising Agency Today! 

Regardless of what defines your business’s conversions, we’re honored to continue helping you make them happen! Our advertising agency is completely transparent in our dedication to your campaign success. This means that you always have full access to your Google Account, we never markup media costs, and we even educate you on how our team is managing and optimizing your account so you can be as involved (or un-involved) as you want! 

Reach out to us today to make your next ad campaign a success!